The World Energy Forum will focus its attention on energy-related issues ranging from perspectives of policy, technology and business. Issues such as security of supply, predicting and managing growth and demand and sustainable governance will all be addressed.

Forum delegates will hear expert opinion on emerging regional and global energy issues, technologies and investment opportunities. There will be discussions on environmental and sustainability issues affecting different regions of the world and it is hoped that alternative energy sources and new energy conservation technologies will be explored.

Dubal plans to actively participate in the event. The company's vice president for power and desalination, Tayeb Al Awadhi, said that 'quick wins' for energy conservation identified by the Dubai Integrated Energy Strategy are proving effective for the aluminium smelter.

Dubal has implemented many energy-saving initiatives including new preventative maintenance procedures, alternative anode sizes, new controls to anticipate and prevent anode effects, evaporative cooling systems on several gas turbines, replacing conventional burners with regenerative burners in furnaces and commissioning a new combined cycle turbine. Other energy-saving projects are being considered.

"Overall, we are well-placed to achieve total energy savings of 22,317,240kWh per year by 2013," claims Tayeb Al Awadhi.