Novelis presents roadmap for the sustainable use of aluminium in automobiles at automotive circle's first-ever sustainability in automobile production conference

Novelis sustainability roadmap

23rd November, 2022

Novelis Inc., will be a key participant at Automotive Circle's first-ever Sustainability in Automobile Production conference later this month. Novelis will discuss the role aluminum can play in developing climate-neutral, environmentally friendly production of automobiles.

Penrhos announce they are launching 100% recycled aluminium bottles

Aluminium bottles: GIN

18th November, 2022

Penrhos have announced that they will be using new, fully recylable aluminium bottles with their limited edition ‘Wonky Raspberry’ gin. Made from 100% recycled aluminium cutting energy requirements, packaging, transport and our carbon footprint.

ASI certifies Ardagh Metal Packaging against Performance Standard

ASI certifies Ardagh

18th November, 2022

Ardagh Metal Packaging has achieved ASI Performance Standard V2 (2017) Certification with a focus on Material Stewardship at its regional central organization in Bonn, Germany and its beverage can body production plant in La Ciotat Cedex, France.

Latest issue: Nov/Dec 22

Nov/Dec 22

It’s fair to say that as an industry and in our own day-to-day lives, we are all facing a number of hurdles as we race towards the end of 2022.

AIT's Zahra Awan, spoke with a number of industry leaders to get their thoughts on how the energy crisis could hit Europe and other challenges on the horizon. We also have a dedicated feature on how best to prepare for these uncertain times, with an outlook from a Fastmarkets Analyst.

And, with the recent announcement that the Future Aluminium Forum will finally return to a live event format in May 2023, this month’s Alumina Chronicles focuses on the growth of the aluminium industry in Canada.

Front cover courtesy of TotalEnergies

EGA and INALUM sign agreement on potential use of UAE technology and investment in brownfield aluminium smelter expansion in Indonesia

EGA and INALUM agreement

16th November, 2022
Alba CEO awards 65 employees on completing Industry 4.0 training courses

Alba: Industry 4.0 courses

16th November, 2022
The Annual ALFED Business Briefing 2022

ALFED Briefing Review

16th November, 2022
EGA reaches 40 million tonnes milestone

EGA reaches milestone

14th November, 2022
Helping the UK accelerate towards a circular future

A circular future

14th November, 2022