GFG Alliance Businesses Work with GridBeyond to Support Grid Balancing and Net-Zero Energy Transition

Energy-efficient aluminium

2nd March, 2021

SIMEC Energy, part of the GFG Alliance, has partnered with intelligent energy technology and flexibility leader GridBeyond to participate in the GB Frequency Response Market, helping National Grid balance and decarbonise the energy network whilst generating substantial savings.

RUSAL to invest in smelter modernisation

Smelter modernisation investment

1st March, 2021

RUSAL has announced that it will invest RUB 4.5 bn this year in modernising the Sayanogorsk and Khakas Aluminium smelters.

Alupro launches new website to educate consumers about the importance of recycling

Aluminium recycling website

1st March, 2021

Alupro, the aluminium packaging recycling organisation, has unveiled its brand-new Recycle Aluminium website, to educate consumers about the infinitely recyclable benefits of aluminium packaging.

Latest issue: Jan/Feb 2021

Jan/Feb 2021

Virtual Insanity

Jamiroquai’s predictions were’s a crazy world we’re all living in!

Thankfully this virtual reality we find ourselves in can have some benefits and still being able to hold a version of the Future Aluminium Forum in December was one of them.

Of course, it was not the same as being able to network in person and holding face-to-face meetings, but with more than 400 registered attendees over the two days, we were really encouraged by the interaction and opportunities it offered during these travel restricted times!

If you weren’t able to join, this issue includes a full review of the event and also features a number of papers from speakers who presented during the online conference. We had so many great speakers join…

Twelfth International Aluminum Extrusion Technology Seminar Rescheduled to May 2022

ET' postponed to May 2022

24th February, 2021
ALVANCE Aluminium Duffel delivers first ASI Chain of Custody certified material to Audi

ALVANCE Alu to Audi

23rd February, 2021
Rio Tinto modernises Saguenay port facilities for safer and more efficient operations

Rio Tinto modernisation

22nd February, 2021
RUSAL becomes preferred global supplier to Kosei

RUSAL to supply to Kosei

19th February, 2021