Michelob ULTRA pilots world’s first cans made with aluminium from new zero carbon technology

Zero carbon cans

18th January, 2021

Michelob ULTRA, the fastest growing beer brand in the United States, will soon hit the shelves in its most sustainable low-carbon can, using aluminium supplied by Rio Tinto.

EN+ Group sets sector beating targets for GHG emissions reduction

EN+ Group sets emissions reduction targets

18th January, 2021

Further to EN+’s commitment to achieve Net Zero Emissions by 2050, Evgenii Nikitin, Chief Executive of UC RUSAL has made the following comment:

PMS Aluminium selects Danieli Breda

PMS Aluminium selects Danieli Breda

18th January, 2021

Turkish company PMS Aluminium, based in Bursa, selected Danieli Breda to supply a new, 40-MN, 10-in. front-loading extrusion press.

Latest issue: Nov/Dec


What a year.

I’m not convinced that when Big Ben strikes midnight on the 31st December everything will return to normal, but I certainly will be pinning some hopes on 2021 offering fresh starts and a return to elements of daily life I know we have all been missing.

For me, I always took travel for granted and at times I would dread going on business trips (mainly the packing...I hate packing!) But I would always return feeling like I had been able to explore a pocket of the world that I might never see again and for that I felt very lucky.

While travel remains restricted, we are all having to work differently and although I was very much looking forward to visiting Québec in December for the Future Aluminium Forum, the reality of the situation…