Aluminium International Today Issue
March/April 2021

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March/April 2021

It’s not easy being green

A very famous frog had it’s not as easy as it looks being green and in this case, to produce ‘green aluminium’.

With a dedicated ‘Decarbonisation’ feature in this issue, it seemed only fitting that we also announce the upcoming Greener Aluminium Online Summit, which will take place on 2nd - 3rd June 2021.

As the world still gets to grips with live events and travel restrictions remain in place, we thought it best to keep this to a virtual event for now and invite everyone from the comfort of your home offices to join.

I was inundated with articles for this feature, which got me thinking that there is a need to discuss this topic on a greater scale and openly.

It’s easy to band around the word ‘sustainability’ but are we doing enough together as an industry to ensure we are all on the same pathway to zero carbon?

The news pages is in this issue also follow this ‘Decarbonisation’ theme and again, there seemed to be a lot of ‘green news’ and announcements out there, which shows there is now a consistent effort being made to adopt sustainable technologies and develop more efficient production processes, which will affect us all.

This issue is full of other interesting features, including a look at bauxite mining and alumina refining in Australia, how data and analytics can unlock hidden value in your supply chain, and a selection of articles focus on the products and solutions offered by Italian manufacturers.

Front cover courtesy of Granco Clark

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Issue Highlights




- A new START for the supply chain
- Green aluminium is not a state of being, it is a state of becoming
- ASI Standards: 59 criteria addressing GHG and broader ESG issues
- Auto low carbon aluminium use
- Going to zero carbon: A game changer for the aluminium industry
- Decarbonisation of the building industry
- Future of aluminium relies on industry shift to sustainable technologies
- Intelligent energy management
- Jindal Aluminium Limited: Taking strides in sustainable manufacturing


- Aluminium Industry in Australia


- Unlock hidden value in your supply chain with data and analytics


- Future-proofing the aluminium industry


- The optimal solution for furnace tending operations


- Russia hopes for recovery of global demand for aluminium this year


- AiRC-1000 sets the standard for smelters


- METEF: Metef Preview
- It’s time to maximize the value of metals
- Latest technologies for aluminium ingot by Continuus-Properzi