When Possibility Meets Reality

However ambitious, 'net zero' from the leaders in the aluminium sector will not be enough if decarbonisation stalls across the industry as a whole. This requires a united front — within the industry, with other sectors and with global policymakers.

Any comprehensive definition of sustainable aluminium must consider all steps of the aluminium value chain, from sourcing raw materials to the management of the end-of-life of products, holistically covering all relevant sustainability aspects along environmental, social, and governance pillars.

And with the global demand for aluminium expected to grow by 80% over the next 30 years, this growth reflects aluminium’s potential as a material that can enable sustainable development and provide solutions to global challenges.

The Greener Aluminium Online Summit will bring together aluminium manufacturers and environmental solutions providers to discuss how the industry must continue to adapt, minimising the impacts associated with production of the metal today, while also developing technological pathways for the future.

Industry representatives will present recent developments to implement cleaner primary aluminium production, explore the needs to accompany this with a greater adoption of high recycled content alloys and examine the main challenges, sustainable investments and technologies from across the value chain.

Alongside the one-day conference and virtual exhibition, participants will also be invited to join live discussions and will have the opportunity to network with new contacts, arrange video meetings and exchange resources and information.

Session Breakdown:

Pathway to Carbon Neutrality

Recent years have seen major changes in the aluminium sector. This session will look at the industry's commitments to zero carbon, how low-carbon aluminium is emerging as a distinct market category, and how the market differentiates the value of aluminium based on its carbon content.

The Renewables Race

This session will dive into the decarbonisation of electricity and fuel switching across the value chain.

Sustainable Solutions

This session will focus on the outlook for the role of R&D, particularly breakthroughs in inert anode technology that will eliminate greenhouse gas emissions from smelting, carbon pricing and regulation mechanisms, as well as changes observed in buyers’ attitudes.

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