Verallia France has unveiled plans to build two 100% electric furnaces at its Cognac, France glass manufacturing facility. The two furnaces will replace the fossil fuel fired furnace No. 2 nearing the end of its campaign life.

The total production capacity will replace that of the old furnace.

The Verallia site in Châteaubernard would become the first site in Europe and within the group to produce glass packaging for the food and beverage market with 100% electric furnaces.

This would implement environmental commitments with a nearly 50% reduced carbon footprint of the containers produced.

Olivier Rousseau, the CEO of Verallia France said: "I am very pleased to have announced this excellent news as a priority to the trade unions and employees of our Cognac site, which was particularly impacted by our transformation project last year.

"This electric furnace technology has never been implemented in France or even in Europe for food packaging glass."

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