Flat-rolled aluminium producer Novelis and can producer Ball Corp have both invested in foreign markets, such as Brazil and Asia and Alcoa predicts a 1% drop in demand for aluminium can sales in 2013.

The USA in the midst of an obesity epidemic and many soft drinks producers are turning their attention towards healthier drinks – packaged in plastic and glass – to meet increasing demand from health-conscious consumers.

However, some 1.7 million metric tonnes of aluminium is used for making beverage cans in the USA and Canada and that adds up to 5% of global aluminium consumption according to Reuters.

Consumption of fizzy drinks in the USA has been declining since 2006, reaching an all-time low in 2012.

Conversely, in Europe, can usage is experiencing double-digit growth as demand for aluminium cans is expected to grow by between 2-3%. In China the figure is much higher – ranging between 8 and 12%.