Avid followers of the trials and tribulations of the global aluminium industry will be only too aware that Big Rivers Corporation is the power company behind recent discussions with the American primary producer Century Aluminium and also Rio Tinto Alcan, both set to leave the Big Rivers power system in August 2013 and January 2014 respectively.

Losing two smelters, of course, is not good for business, so Big Rivers, keen to maintain a healthy bottom line, needs to increase power rates to existing customers.

The coalition has a name: it's Fair Rates Kentucky and it's asking other Big Rivers customers to sign a petition against the price increases and asking signees to contact the governor's office and the Public Service Commission.

Aleris believes that the planned power increases will make it difficult for the company's rolling mill in Hancock County to compete in a challenging economy. Aleris estimates that its electricity costs will rise by 30% at its Lewisport plant and that Big Rivers should be making structural changes to its business in order to make the system more efficient.