According to the Aluminium Association the annual rate of production rose 2.2% over the September 2009 annual rate of 1.5Mt. The year-to-date annual rate of production for 2009 was 1.7Mt, down 35.4% from the 2008 annual rate of 2.7Mt.

Participating companies account for 100% of US primary aluminium production. The Aluminium Association estimates global daily aluminium demand was up 40% in September, excluding Chinese stockpiling and after seasonal adjustments.

It said global demand grew by 3% in annual terms in September, the first annual increase since July 2008. The bulk of the annual increase came from China, which grew at around 12%.

The Western World was up 20% since late February, but is still down in annual terms. Annual growth in the Western World is expected by November 2010.

The 3% annual growth in global aluminium demand contrasts with an estimated 5.9% annual contraction in global output even after considering the return of 60% of curtailed output since last September. Its short, mid and long term indicators suggest demand growth and a tightening market at the margin will continue.