The Standard Range – covering 24 renamed products - provides greater clarity and increased product depth for customers, splitting neatly between adhesives, coatings, mastics and castables.

The line-up includes the two-component Isofrax Foamcast 100 – already forging a reputation in the aluminium industry with its expansion range after mixing.

Fiwool Coating 145 protects and extends the life of insulation linings, saves on energy costs and has excellent chemical resistance properties.

Fiberfrax and Isofrax Pumpable Mastics avoid extensive - and expensive - downtime while furnace repairs are carried out.

Typically installed in a few hours, they can be injected through the casing from outside the furnace to fix hotspots caused by the breakdown of back up insulation. This work is often carried out while the plant is still running at operational temperatures.

In addition to the Standard range, all Unifrax non-standard cements and mixes will still be available under their usual product names.

Datasheets are available in seven languages via, while samples are available from Unifrax sales offices.