Metalex Products is currently working overtime at its sites in Poole, Horsham, Birmingham, Chepstow and Milton Keynes to process orders for aluminium plate and bar billets being used in the rapid production of medical equipment.

"To date we have supplied over 80 tonnes of plate and bar to OEM's such as Penlon, Luxfer, Mclaren, Renishaw and a huge number of subcontractors who are working on this project, and have orders for a further 90 tonnes with more coming in every day," said Managing Director, Paul Nicola.

"As the UK's largest independent distributor of aluminium plate and bar products we were ideally placed to assist in this work and have retained all of our staff whilst our competitors have been furloughing large numbers of theirs."

The team at Metalex are complying with strict social distancing regulations to continue working safely, but remain committed to the cause, with many even volunteering to work over the Easter weekend to help meet the demand.

"My staff have all been absolutely fantastic and have supported this program with huge enthusiasm. I would also like to thank some of our suppliers, both in the UK and in Europe who have been unbelievably responsive during this critical time for all of us. It shows what a great engineering community we have got here in the UK and how they can respond," said Paul.