According to the emissions reduction plan, approved by the Ministry of natural resources of the Irkutsk region, between 2013 and 2015, seven electrostatic precipitators in the third and fourth potlines and six foam-type scrubbers in the third potline will be replaced at IrkAZ.

In October 2013, in potline 4 of IrkAZ, an electrostatic precipitator was replaced with a new horizontal-type precipitator. The cost of the project amounted to RUR 60 million. The company plans to acquire a further electrostatic precipitator to be installed in potline 4 in 2014. The new equipment is 5% more efficient and will capture up to 99% of particulate fluorides and potroom dust.

Three foam-type scrubbers have been replaced in the third potline and the forth scrubber is to be installed by the end of the year. This will result in in the capture of at least 98.5% of hydrogen fluoride (HF) and sulfur dioxide emissions, reduce energy consumption and decrease the cost of foam-type scrubbers’ cleaning.

The environmental upgrade will also see the completion of construction at section No 2 of the red mud disposal area No 3, creating a storage area for liquid production waste, reducing the risk of pollution of soil and underground waters.