This revealing report indicates that up to 20% of the U.S. extrusion market has returned to domestic producers.

Furthermore, the study lays out three scenarios based on the resolve of and future success in the domestic industry’s defence of the Department of Commerce’s trade orders.

“It was clear through trade data analysis and interviews with extruders, customers and suppliers that the AEC’s actions to date in the U.S. industry’s trade case against Chinese extruders have dramatically reduced imported extrusions from China and returned demand to domestic suppliers. Chinese imports grew at their peak to over 20% of domestic demand in late 2009/early 2010, but fell rapidly to less than 1% after the orders took effect in October 2010”, said Nick Limb, Managing Principal of Ducker Worldwide. Abey Abraham, Project Director at Ducker also noted, “With the exception of a small number of niche extruders, a majority of domestic suppliers experienced a 10-20% growth attributable to the return of customers that previously purchased from Chinese extruders.”

The Aluminum Extruders Council and Ducker Worldwide will co-host a webinar for AEC members on December 17, 2014 that will review the study and its findings.

AEC members may register for the free webinar, “The AEC and Ducker Worldwide Present: The U.S. Aluminum Extrusion Trade Case, A Look Forward”, by visiting