Keypoint Intelligence, the world’s largest business intelligence and testing provider for the digital imaging and business communications industries has awarded the revolutionary Tonejet Cyclone with an Outstanding Innovation Award in Production Print to reflect not just its innovative and unique design but the environmental value it brings users by replacing plastic shrink sleeves and labels.

The Tonejet Cyclone is an environmentally friendly alternative to shrink sleeves and pressure sensitive labels, a direct-to-shape, fully variable digital can printing system, decorating 60 cans per minute with the same feel and higher quality than traditionally printed cans.

“We’re delighted that the Cyclone has been recognised with an Outstanding Innovation award” comments Rob Day, CEO at Tonejet. “It’s important as it validates our mission to innovate and disrupt the status quo in beverage packaging, enabling craft brewers and global brands alike to realise the benefits of direct digital print productivity and short-run agility, while reducing their overall environmental impact.”

“The Tonejet Cyclone uniquely addresses the booming customised and personalised marketing segment with a system that prints directly onto beverage cans, at a lower cost than traditional decorating methods,” notes Marc Mascara, Director, Color Digital Labels & Packaging at Keypoint Intelligence. “Just as importantly, cans produced on the Tonejet Cyclone are 100% recyclable, so there are huge environmental benefits compared to add-on labels or shrink sleeves.” Also noted for its unique printhead technology, the Cyclone enables both mass customisation and cost-effective short production runs.

Craft beverage producers like BrewBoard in the UK and Worthy Brewing in the USA are already reaping the additional marketing and branding opportunities made possible by direct-to-can printing technology from Tonejet. Tonejet pioneer SoluCan is doing some amazing things for their Canadian and US customers including Augmented Reality (AR) campaigns. The Cyclone technology is a truly versatile system that will benefit smaller craft beverage producers as well as larger global brands wanting to capitalise on shorter runs, limited-edition drinks, or marketing campaigns.

Earlier this year, ahead of the event being postponed, the Cyclone was also nominated for the Metpack Innovation in Print award.