The exhibition and conference marked the 125th Anniversary of the Hall-Heroult Process with a plenary session devoted to the subject.

Claude Vanvoren of Rio Tinto Alcan opened proceedings with a look at The Early Days of the European Aluminium Industry and examined Paul Heroult's role as the co-inventor of the electrolytic process.

Alcoa's Gary Tarcy investigated the role of Charles Martin Hall and Warren Haupin and their essential part in electrolysis process. As well as being a co-inventor of the process Mr Hall was also a founder of Alcoa. Mr Haupin helped increase the understanding of the process that is still used today.

In a paper titled The Rise and Fall of the Knowledge Base for Aluminium Smelting - The Last 50 Years, Barry Welch of the University of News South Wales, Australia discussed the aluminium industry from the 1950s to the present day.

Elsewhere, the were sessions on Aluminium Rolling, and a General Abstract of Primary Production. Sessions planned for later today, US time, include Cast Shop for Aluminium Production and Electrode Tchnology for Aluminium Production.

TMS runs until Thursday, March 3. A full report will be in Aluminium International Today May/June edition.