Among the prominent partners at ALUMINIUM 2022 is Quartz Business Media, the publishing company behind Aluminium International Today.

Aluminium International Today has announced it will be hosting a number of sessions at the ALUMINIUM 2022 "Innovation Plaza Additive & Digital Manufacturing." Having hosted the Future Aluminium Forum since 2018, Aluminium international aims to continue to encourage industry specialists and companies to discuss their progress and developments.

"Aluminium International has a long-standing and excellent working relationship with RX Global, and this new initiative, which will be presented at this year‘s ALUMINIUM Show, provides the perfect platform for both portfolios to combine their industry knowledge and bring this to a wider audience."

Content Director Nadine Bloxsome talks in an interview about the importance of Industry 4.0 for the sector. She speaks on how Aluminium International Today will be attending the event, and the partnership with ALUMINIUM 2022.