The upgrade was made possible by the installation of the world's first 1,600mm long anode, which places Alba among the world's leaders in terms of pot line current and productivity thanks to its advanced AP3X smelting technology.

According to Alba, its production process will receive a further boost through modifications to anode reference gauges, PTA shovel size, simulations on start-up pots and studies on wench motors.

Isa Al-Ansari, Alba's chief operations officer, said that the company had always prided itself on being at the forefront of promoting clean technology. "The new installation of the first 1600mm long anode is a step in the right direction and will pave the way to upgrade Pot Line 5 from AP30 to AP36 technology," he said, adding that the support of the carbon and reduction team was a crucial part of the process.

According to Al-Ansari, the upgrade will enable Pot Line 5 to 'push production to new benchmarks and contribute towards Alba's expansion'.

Alba's Pot Line 5 commenced operation in 2005 and set new records for the fastest and safest start-up of a reduction line, the company claims.