Today the Carbon Trust released a report which outlines how the primary aluminium industry can move towards a more sustainable, lower carbon future. This recognises there is still a demand for primary aluminium as secondary aluminium cannot meet all demand.

Through analysing the present practices the Carbon Trust have drawn up what are the lower carbon options with the purpose of encouraging companies to move towards them. One compelling action it recommends is the establishment of a reliable and trusted carbon labelling scheme to demonstrate the carbon content of producing primary aluminium, to allow customers to choose lower carbon aluminium.

A key finding the Carbon Trust discovered was that the choice of electricity that powered the aluminium production was the most important factor in determining the carbon content – a switch to renewable power sources was the most important single thing aluminium producers could do to lower their carbon impact and help play their part in the fight against climate change.

Hugh Jones, Managing Director, Business Services, the Carbon Trust, commented: “We want this report to accelerate lower carbon action in the primary aluminium sector. Switching to renewable power coupled with an independent and robust carbon labelling scheme would take things forward and that’s why we hope to collaborate with the aluminium industry to help them make the changes that will lead to a more sustainable, lower carbon future.”