This latest edition of the Manual, which was last updated in 2010, includes essential information about working with lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminium alloys.

The 2015 ADM includes:
Specifications for Aluminum Structures & Commentary: Provides rules for determining the strength of aluminium structural components, connections and structures using multiple methods. Commentary section includes additional background and research references. Required for compliance with the 2015 International Building Code.

Design Guide: Addresses additional structural design including diagrams and background on adhesive bonded joints, aluminium composite material, extrusion design, corrosion prevention, fire protection, sustainability and design references for aluminium structural components in bridges, rail cars, ships, pressure vessels, pipe and storage tanks.

Material & Section Properties: Material properties including alloy and temper designation systems for wrought and cast aluminium alloys, comparative characteristics and typical mechanical/physical properties. Dimensions and section properties for aluminium channels, I-beams, angles, tees, zees, tube, pipe, roofing and siding.

Design Aids & Illustrative Examples: Design aids provide buckling constants, allowable stress and load tables, fastener strengths, minimum bend radii and beam formulas for various aluminium alloys. Illustrative examples include 31 structural design calculation examples based on the Specification for Aluminium Structures.

If you work with aluminium structures, you need the 2015 Aluminum Design Manual. The Manual is available as a searchable electronic download, hard copy book or bundle package from the Association’s bookstore. Aluminum Association members, please click here for special member pricing in the member bookstore; Non-members can purchase the hardcopy or a digital download here.