Arabal was launched in 1983 and is held by rotation among the major aluminium producers in the Arab World.

The conference brings together executives and industry experts from around the world to exchange experiences, highlight new developments and discuss the future of aluminium particularly in the Middle East.

The theme of this year’s conference is “Global challenges for sustainable growth in the aluminium industry and the role of the Gulf Smelters”.

Topics of conversation will include:
Power Generation – focussing on industrial power generation options in particular gas power generation, including, environmental advancements and how increasing efficiency means reduced costs.
Expansions in the Middle East – the upcoming projects and expansion and taking a look at how expansions can increase cost-efficiency of the existing smelters.
Raw Materials – supply the Gulf’s insatiable demand. Topics include sourcing, shipping and proper supply chain management.
Recycling – the benefits of recycling are well known, however, the infrastructure in the Gulf is limited. What can we do to enact positive change?
Downstream – fostering sustainable growth. Techniques to empower your community and the responsibilities of good corporate citizens.
Technology – the latest technological and information systems and how they can change the way you work for the better.

Registration opens June 2011.

For more information and event details, kindly contact: Lisa Christowitz, Tel +968 2686 3314,
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