Romanian group Alro has placed an order for the revamp of four of its annealing furnaces. Once complete it means the furnaces will comply to AMS 2750D aviation norm.

The revamping involves the retrofit of the heating systems and changing the insu-lation. The control system of all furnaces will be changed.

Fellow Romanian group Universal Alloy Corporation Europe ordered a 30t electrically heated travelling log homogenizing furnace. The furnace will comply with aviation norm AMS 2750D and guarantee a temperature unif-ormity of ±4°C during the soaking phase.

To minimise the installation area and speed the cycle time the furnace design allows the equip-ment to travel over the two piles of load prepared on the floor level.

Finally, Seco/Warwick secured the order from CCHC Thailand for a four zone coil annealing furnace equipped with Vortex Jet Heating system accompanied with bypass cooler. The temperature uniformity will be ±5°C during soaking.

The system will also be equipped with a bypass cooler unit.