Mr Holsether has been CFO of both Elkem and Sapa, and has lead Sapa’s recent expansion in Asia through his role as Business Area President. Tim Stubbs leaves to pursue new opportunities outside the Sapa group.

Mr Holsether, 39, held several positions in Elkem before he was appointed CFO in Elkem in 2005. He was CFO in Sapa from 2007 to 2010, before he was put in charge of Sapa’s expansion in Asia as Business Area President, Sapa Asia and Middle East in 2010. He is currently Executive Vice President M&A in Orkla ASA.

“Sapa has over the last 5 years evolved from a European company to the global #1 player within aluminium profiles, through the incorporation of Alcoa’s profiles business and the acquisition of Indalex. I know Sapa as a capable and ambitious organization.

"Going forward it will be important to realize synergies between the units and pulling together in one direction. We have set clear operational targets for the company, and my foremost ambition will be to reach these targets”, said Mr Holsether.

Tim Stubbs leaves Sapa to assume a new position with Sun Capital in London. Sun Capital owned Indalex, where Tim Stubbs was CEO, before Sapa bought the company in 2009.

“Moving back to London is important for my family. It is, however, with regret I leave Sapa after a relatively short time as CEO. I am confident that Svein Tore Holsether has all that it takes to lead Sapa going forward”, said Mr Stubbs.