RUSAL, in partnership with the Krasnoyarsk Metallurgical Plant (KraMZ) and Alluminate Company, has announced the production of the first lighting poles made of aluminium alloys to the domestic market.

The first consignment of 24 lighting poles, produced by KraMZ, was supplied to a five-star hotel located in Vladivostok earlier this month. All the necessary technological openings, hatches and embedded parts were provided within the poles. They are also equipped with smart lighting devices, which allow the intensity of illumination to be adjusted depending on the time of day, saving energy and increasing the resource of power grid.

The poles are made of anodised extrusions produced from RUSAL’s low-carbon aluminium, ALLOW. Due to the properties of aluminium, the poles are resistant to corrosion, precipitation and mechanical damage, meaning they are adapted for use in coastal regions and in urban environments.

At present, a wide range of lighting poles can be produced to a customers specifications, the full list of products consist of 16 standard sizes. At the customer's request, the lighting poles can be equipped with a video surveillance module, Wi-Fi, an emergency button, an audible alarming system, an environmental monitoring module, or a charger for electric vehicles.

Taking only two workers to transport and install the lighting pole, the weight of these aluminium alloy poles is two times less than that of steel and nine times less than that of reinforced concrete analogues, making them easy to install. This lightweight quality also has a positive effect on passive traffic safety. The rod does not absorb the energy of the collision, which excludes serious consequences for both passengers and driver in the event of an accident.

Roman Andryushin, RUSAL’s Deputy General Director for Sales in Russia, the CIS and China, commented on the new product,

“The manufacturability of aluminium, together with the technique of anodising, allows its appearance and characteristics to be retained for decades. The ability to manufacture customised shapes and sizes makes this an exclusive product within the market. The new products meet the highest environmental requirements, and one unique property of aluminium – its full recyclability – warrants a high return on value after the end of their service life. We expect that the new products will be in demand for the design and renovation of parks, gardens, sports grounds, residential complexes, streets and roads,”

Roman Andryushin, RUSAL’s Deputy General Director for Sales in Russia, the CIS and China

Previously, aluminum lighting poles were not produced in Russia. All such products were imported from China, Poland and Germany.

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