The company’s smelters at Volkhov, Nadivoitsy and the Urals now produce 24Kt/yr, 60Kt/yr and 75Kt/yr of VAPs respectively.

Modernisation programmes at the company’s Volgograd and Kandalaksha smelters are scheduled for completion during Q1 2013 and will enable the plants to produce 165Kt/yr and 75Kt/yr of VAPs.

Kandalakasha will produce wire rods, Volgograd will increase its output of slabs and the Bogoslovsk smelter will step-up its production of alloy ingots and slabs for rolling mills.

On completion of the modernisation programme, Rusal’s Aluminium Division West’s VAP output will reach 100% capacity.

In the first quarter of 2012, primary aluminium accounted for 63% or Rusal’s sales of which 11% was slabs, 10% extrusion billets, 8% foundry alloys, 7% wire rod and 1% other products.

“Given the current market environment, the switch to VAP is the most efficient approach to enable the smelters of Aluminium Division West to remain above break-even point. We see a strong demand for these products and are well positioned to be able to meet the market's needs.

"Our units, together with our R&D division, continue to develop new alloy production technologies and solutions for aluminium production,” said Alexy Arnautov, UC Rusal’s Aluminium Division West director.