Its Krasnoyarsk aluminum smelter (KrAZ) will take part in a Reduction of perfluorocarbon (PFC) emissions project, carried out in accordance with Article 6 of the Kyoto Protocol.

It means Rusal can sell Emission Reduction Units (ERUs), with total sales expected to reach about $15M. The funds will be spent on a number of environmental projects by the company.

A project to reduce PFC emissions at KrAZ between January 1, 2008 to December 31, 2009 resulted in a reduction of 464.5t of CO2 equivalent.

The overall reduction of PFC emissions at KrAZ between 2008-2012 is expected to amount to 1.16Mt of CO2 equivalent.

The project to reduce PFC emissions was launched at KrAZ in 2006. It ensures a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the frequency and duration of anode effects as a result of a number of organizational and technical measures undertaken in 24 potrooms.

Rusal’s partner on the project is Carbon Trade & Finance company, which acts as the buyer of ERUs.