RUSAL announces that the Company's trademark, low carbon aluminium brand, ALLOW has been ranked in the League of Green Brands – the first national ranking of sustainable brands.

The League of Green Brands is a reputable non-governmental development institute established in Russia in 2019. The League's task is to create conditions for the systematic implementation of ESG principles and approaches in the practice of domestic companies and to promote sustainable business developments in Russia. The purpose of the organisation is to create criteria for "green" goods as a basis for national eco-certification, as well as the promotion of the idea of sustainable development in Russia.

Irina Bakhtina, Chief Sustainable Officer at RUSAL, commenting on the inclusion of the ALLOW low-carbon aluminium brand, noted:

"Assessing the maturity of ESG practices at the level of a specific product is not a trivial task. At the same time, consumers are increasingly expressing interest in understanding the life cycle and journey of a particular brand, product or service, and thus be able to "reward" such a brand for the totality of efforts. In this regard, ALLOW's position in the ranking of Russian green brands shows that in addition to high indicators in the field of climate management and energy efficiency, our achievements in the field of biodiversity conservation, ethics, water resources and waste management, as well as social responsibility exceed industry averages."

Irina Bakhtina, Chief Sustainable Officer at RUSAL

Anastasia Popova, President and co-founder of the League of Green Brands, CEO of the ecosystem of sustainable services +1 said: "Our ranking can be perceived as an "index of openness" of brands: their willingness not only to conduct an internal audit of the maturity of their ESG practices, but also to show this degree of maturity to the market. This year, the methodology was transferred to Roskachestvo to create a standard and form a "Russian green certificate" based on it, which is designed to create an advantage for Russian green brands. Our plans for the next year include a number of initiatives to develop green certification, in particular, the Russian carbon certificate."

Irina Antyushina, Director of Sustainable Development at Unilever in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, one of the founding organizations of the League said: "The brand assessment methodology has been developed by taking into account the specifics of each industry sector which allows us to assess the contribution of each participant to the implementation of the ESG agenda and, ultimately, to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It is especially gratifying to see industry leaders among the pioneers of the League's ranking – among them the low carbon footprint aluminum brand ALLOW of RUSAL, which decided to try out a new methodology and has demonstrated a truly impressive result in all aspects of the assessment."

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