UC RUSAL has launched a “Properzi” rolling mill into operation at Kandalaksha Aluminium Smelter (KAZ) as part of the casthouse modernisation project at the smelter. The project investments total USD 19.8 mln.

According to the company, the new equipment will produce up to 50 thousand tonnes of value added products (VAP) per annum. The launch of the new mill will allow the smelter to produce wire rods of 7 typical sizes which are a new aspect for KAZ; these are of the diameters of 9.5, 12, 14, 15, 19, 23 and 25mm. Prior to that, the smelter supplied only one size, of 9mm diameter.

KAZ will also start to produce wire rod from the alloys of 1xxx, 6xxx and 8xxx series.

The main consumers of the wire rods produced at KAZ will be cable manufacturing plants operating in Russia and abroad.

“The launch of the rolling mill at Kandalaksha aluminium smelter is another step within RUSAL’s strategy to increase the output of value added products. According to plans, the smelter will start operating at full production capacity in 2017 having increased the production of the smelter up to 72.5 thousand tonnes per year; with that, VAP is to comprise 98.5% of the total amount of output,” noted RUSAL CEO Vladislav Soloviev.