With an aim to increase its refining capacity, Runaya Refining has placed order for two additional SARAH hot dross processing units from Taha International. The acquisition is aimed at strategizing to employ cutting-edge technology in the manufacturing industry, while also preserving the environment. The acquisition will also help the Indian aluminum industry to grow through valuable tie-ups between national and global industry leaders. Runaya Refining currently serves 67 per cent of India’s primary aluminum producers.

Appreciating the successful collaboration, Patrick Pollmann, Group CEO, TAHA International said, “Runaya has shown great leadership by continuously adopting innovative solutions and fully committing to sustainability in the field of aluminum. By significantly increasing their processing capacities, they are making another critical contribution to greening the Indian aluminum industry. I am excited about the opportunities this key partnership will offer in the time to come”.

Annanya Agarwal, CEO, Runaya Refining, “With sustainable solutions and innovative technologies at the heart of Runaya, we continue working towards our vision of a greener and sustainable tomorrow. Converting ‘Waste-to Wealth’ is our driving force, and through such acquisitions, we have prevented 40,000 tonnes of hazardous industrial waste from causing harm to the environment at large- which further help us to achieve more and contribute our part towards creating an AtmaNirbhar Bharat.”

TAHA’s Hot Dross Processing technology possesses the ability to change how companies handle their dross, making the process environmentally friendly and, most importantly, zero-waste. A recent study conducted by Ernst & Young, the Netherlands in collaboration with the renowned Austrian Montan University Leoben found that compared to other processes, TAHA’s process reduces greenhouse gas emissions by more than 80%. In short, it provides a sustainable, zero-waste solution for handling and processing aluminum dross, making for a trailblazing green business solution that Runaya Refining trusts to further transform the Indian aluminum industry.