The alloys will help address energy, aerospace, environmental and operational needs for the US Department of Energy and the Office of Naval Research.

It was awarded the ‘Computational Design of High-Strength, Anodize-Free Stainless Aluminum Alloys for Aerospace Applications’ from the US Office of Naval Research.

The six-month, $100k programme will see QuesTek design and develop a high-strength, anodise-free stainless aluminium alloy that will have corrosion behaviour similar to anodized 7xxx alloys and mechanical properties equivalent to non-anodised 7075-T6 alloy.

Most aerospace aluminium alloys are anodised in order to enhance corrosion resistance. But anodisation can reduce fatigue strength by 40% and typically generates a hazardous waste stream. Naval aerospace, commercial aviation and marine structures are expected to benefit from the new alloy.