In both cases the liquid metal will be converted by the Properzi Track and Belt type ingot casting line into ingots of 10kg.

For many decades the well-known “Properzi rod” has been on the market. Also, the “Properzi ingot” which was conceived to solve the problems characteristic of the ingots cast through the traditional open-top mold chain has been available in the marketplace for several years. In fact, millions of tons of Properzi ingots have already been brought to the market by the largest smelters located in GCC and the most important European aluminium refineries. Such ingots are obtained through a continuous cast bar cut into ingots of repeatable dimensions and weights. In the early days the cast bar was obtained using the traditional Properzi casting method based on our Wheel and Belt casting machine. Some years ago, this method was replaced by the Track and Belt (T&B) casting machine where the continuous mould is formed by a plurality of copper segments closed by a steel belt thereby forming in this way a rectilinear continuous mould (patent pending).

The ingots which can be produced with this system are mainly 20lb (≤ 10 kg) for alloyed ingots either primary or secondary or 30lb (≤ 14 kg) for pure aluminium.