The installation consisted of ProH sensors for measurement of the metal level in the distribution launder and moulds, Starter Dams and PXP-2E’s for control of the metal level and the Tilt Angle Feedback (TAFB) for measurement of the tilting angle of the furnace.

Just three weeks after commissioning and on site training, local staff could perform a three-mould slab cast by the push of a button.

The main selling point for Laminazione was to increase safety of the working environment. With a fully automated system, workers do not need to be close to the casting process.

During casting, the metal level is kept within +/-1mm of the set point. By achieving this exact control, in combination with an alarm function, they are able to cast at a lower mould level than they were used to. The repeatability of the process level has given Laminazione a tool to fine tune other parameters such as water cooling and casting speed.

Laminazione has now ordered two 5 -mould slab control systems for its two remaining lines. The second line is scheduled for installation in January 2010.

Precimeter Group is head-quartered in Sweden and focuses on molten metal level control.