Much of the equipment installed in aluminium smelter potroom has significant electrical potential to earth (or ground). The series connection of the pot busbar systems means that pots frequently have a potential to earth of 1500 volts dc, and in the the most recent systems this can exceed 2.000 volts dc. Alumina dust and metallic objects can compromise the installed electrical insulation and it is necessary to monitor insulation performance on a regular basis.

Traditional instruments for this purpose have been large and cumbersome. VHE‘s enhanced ohmmeter is portable, lightweight and fitted with comfortable shoulder straps, freeing both hands to use the measuring probes. The instrument has a clear digital display and works just like any other ohmmeter but with the added ability to measure live conductors.

An earlier version of VHE‘s ohmmeter has been in use at RTA ISAL in Iceland since 1997.