Data is collected in real-time from data acquisition systems, such as IBA, or from process controllers via OPC or Modbus/TCP.

It is seamlessly integrated with process control and is securely stored onsite at the customer facility using ABB Historian. Information is then visualised in intuitive, customisable dashboards which designated site and ABB personnel can access online 24/7.

The digital technology at the core of this service - ABB Ability™ Data Analytics for long product rolling mills* - employs profile mill-specific algorithms. This allows you to harness high level plant and process data and use it to reveal trends and inter-relations between various process parameters, trace and visualise the KPI’s important to your profile rolling mill, right down to individual billet precision. The AI-based self-learning tool improves itself, and your process performance, the more you use it.

Real-time continuous monitoring and remote expert support allow to detect and analyse deviations, identify their root cause and leverage the insights gained to predict and prevent faults before they affect production. The service includes proactive deviation alerts and reports, as well as system maintenance and updates - ensuring smooth, reliable operation and faster, more data-driven decisions. Insights can also be leveraged across multiple sites to unlock further cost savings at enterprise level.

*ABB Ability™ Data Analytics for long product rolling mills is available as part of Performance Optimisation Service for long product mills or as a stand-alone product.