The award is presented to companies that have made significant contributions to the field of green chemistry and engineering, including the technical, economic, human health and environmental benefits.

The accolade was awarded to Orbite for its development of a breakthrough technology in the field of alumina production and monetisation of red mud and fly ash.

The industry currently uses an extraction process that generates a highly caustic waste, which is typically stored in holding ponds. Depending on the quality of the bauxite and process efficiencies, between one and two tonnes of waste is generated for each tonne of alumina produced.

The awarding body stated, “Orbite Aluminae has engineered a green, eco-friendly technology for producing alumina from clay and fly ash. That game-changing chemical process completely eliminates red mud, and represents by far the most important environmental innovation in the aluminium industry. For the first time in history, it is possible to produce the same quality of alumina and aluminium without any red mud.”

Glenn Kelly, CEO of Orbite, stated, “We are very proud having been awarded this accolade by such a renowned institution. We believe this award is a testament to the brilliant work done by our team at our world-class Technology Development Centre.”