The building will be centrally located in Trondheim, between the city’s main train station, fast-ferry connection, and coastal ferry terminal – a fast-growing area.

The area called Brattøra is home to several large employers, a new convention hotel under construction, a national rock and roll centre, and a government environment agency building.

The new building in Brattøra, Powerhouse One,is to be the first of several to be developed by the Powerhouse alliance. The building is to be positive both in energy and commercially. The building project is open for potential tenants.

Foundation work is already under way, and the building could be ready for its tenants in the summer of 2013.

The company Brattørkaia AS, with Entra Eiendom as a majority owner, will own the building, while Skanska will be the general contractor. Snøhetta will design the building and Hydro will supply the energy-efficient aluminium façades. ZERO will handle information

The Powerhouse alliance wants to develop commercial buildings that in the course of the buildings’ life produce more renewable energy than consumed during the production of building materials, construction, operation and ultimate disposal of the buildings’ components. Some buildings fitting this definition are found further south in Europe, but not in Norway.