Norton Aluminium have appointed Trevor Bird as the new General Manager.

The appointment was made toward the end of 2015 as part of a restructuring and strengthening of the Norton Aluminium management team.

Trevor Bird, previously the company’s production manager has worked for the firm for three years, and has worked in the sector for 9 years and brings with his appointment a wealth of smelting and recycling knowledge.

The firm operates in the automotive, aerospace, F1 and motorsport sectors and has been based in Norton Canes, Cannock since 1952. Trevor said: “Having worked for the firm for three years now, I've built up excellent operational experience to position me to oversee the growth of Norton Aluminium this year with the management team - I'm pleased to announce the promotion of Wayne Harrison to foundry manager as part of this restructure. The current management team/foundry team of Norton Aluminium boasts 60 years of experience within this sector and it’s no surprise to see the firm posting improved profit figures, there is a very strong team here.”

Trevor and the team have been key to driving proponents for the company achieving its best ever environmental rating last year as the company has continued to invest some £300k capital in continuing to reduce its environmental impact - well within its industrial parameters.

“In 2012 when I joined, our environmental audit had considered the foundry as a high risk to the environment but we have worked hard internally with staff and with some serious investment to successfully maintain a 'medium' rating in our subsequent audits - maintained now for three years, we take this very seriously and continue to invest in this area."