A UK aluminium specialist has brought on board a new technical manager to take its mission to improve metal quality across global manufacturing to the next level.

Metallurgist Dr Shervin Tabrizi has joined MQP, which produces grain refiner for casthouses producing aluminium billets and slabs for manufacturing sectors including foil, extrusions, aerospace and automotive.

Shervin’s key role will be to optimise productivity, manage quality assurance, ensure exceptional customer service and provide specialist support including scientific research and analysis to the business. He will also develop and promote MQP’s high efficiency grain refiner, Optifine, and work with technical managers at casthouses worldwide to optimise grain refinement - significantly reducing costs and radically reducing defects in finished products.

Starting out as a quality assurance engineer for Cylinder Sazi in Tehran, Shervin joins family-owned MQP – based in Solihull in the Midlands - from Constellium, a global leader in high value aluminium products and solutions, primarily for the aerospace, automotive and packaging markets. Prior to that, he was a development technologist for Bridgnorth Aluminium, putting him in good stead to understand the pressures and challenges for casthouses.

“I know the pressure on casthouses to keep costs and waste down, all while meeting strict quality control criteria, and through MQP’s innovation in grain refinement, we are able to address these challenges,” he said. “I particularly like that MQP is a family-run firm with the support of partner and a huge industry player, STNM, giving MQP stability and opportunity for research and development. I look forward to finding ways to innovate further.”

John Courtenay, chairman of MQP, said: “We are absolutely delighted to welcome Shervin as we enter a period of expansion after 20 years of business.

“He brings to the table vast expertise in material characterisation, process improvement, data analysis and management, as well as innovative new ideas and perspectives in what promises to be a new era for aluminium production. We particularly look forward to exploring how we can showcase Optifine together.”

Pictured (L to R): Dr Shervin Tabrizi and Richard Courtenay