Danieli Fata Hunter has supplied and installed a cold rolling mill and a tension leveling line at the new Eurometal greenfield plant located in the new Kleszczów Industrial Park in Poland.

The cold rolling mill produces 120,000 tpy of aluminium coils, coming from two casting machines, with a thickness of 10 to 6 mm and which are rolled down to a minimum thickness of 0.15 mm at a max speed of 1200 m/min., with a max strip width of 2.1 meters.

Equipped with the induction heating system for tight edges control, a new VOC emission control to guarantee low emissions, and a rolling oil recovery and distillation system, the mill is run by the Danieli FATA Hunter hSystem® to automatically control AGC and AFC and can roll a wide variety of products from foil stock to can body with best-in-the market tolerances and quality.
Thanks to Danieli FATA Hunter’s leading leveler technology and design, the tension leveling line can produce exceptional quality strip while combining an innovative cleaning section that minimizes the use of chemicals employed on conventional lines.

It includes a complete strip cleaning section that minimizes the use of chemicals, an advanced amplifier with flex-cassettes, and an embossing machine that can shape the strip in different surface patterns, depending on the market requirements.

Eurometal is part of Eko-Świat Group which also produces aluminium cast and extruded billets, primary and secondary alloys, and profiles.