Continuus-Properzi of Milano has announced a new Collaboration Agreement with C.P.T. sarl (Construction & Projects Tunisie) of Bizerte (Costruction & Projets Tunisie) which replaces a previous engineering exchange letter of intent related to CCR Aluminium rod lines.

Carmelo Maria Brocato Vice President and Commercial Director, commented: “There was a certain amount of confusion among potential Buyers in recent years mainly because under the same nomenclature very different Aluminium rod lines can be quoted with a price ratio that can reach even 1 to 4! The new Agreement with C.P.T. makes everything clear and places the Buyer in a position to compare apples to apples; it is important they get what they pay for and exactly what they need. This is the mission of the Properzi Group.”

After taking full control of C.P.T., from now on Continuus-Properzi will also cover, on the worldwide market, the complete range of “small” Aluminium CCR lines up to 20,000 tpy.

The simplest lines with furnaces, basically those for in-house production of only 9.5mm E.C. Al, will be sold directly by C.P.T. from Tunisia.

More complete and sophisticated CCR lines, also with furnaces, including specialised lines for a vast range of rod diameters of difficult mechanical alloys will be delivered by Continuus-Properzi.

Continuus-Properzi has a long history; Mr. Ilario Properzi invented the System almost 70 years ago and Continuus-Properzi is still the undisputed leader as the supplier of Aluminium rod lines with approximately 300 units produced and 150 units in operation worldwide