MYTILINEOS S.A. has announced the agreement for the acquisition of a 97.87% stake in EP.AL.ME. S.A., a company that operates in industrial production, processing and trading of metals, mostly aluminium alloys and derivative products.

Through this acquisition, MYTILINEOS S.A.:

• Substantially strengthens its Metallurgy Business Unit
• Directly increases the production of aluminium billets (raw material for extrusion units producing aluminium profiles) from 120,000 to 155,000 metric tons, increasing its total production capacity, with prospects to reach total capacity of 250,000 metric tons within two years
• Expands the company’s presence in Greek and foreign markets by enabling the provision of integrated solutions to its customers
• Gains expertise in aluminium scrap recycling operations

The further establishment and enhancement of its Metallurgy Business Unit – Aluminium of Greece, as well as the maximisation of its output, remain major strategic goals for MYTILINEOS S.A.

At the same time, the acquisition boosts the efforts that MYTILINEOS puts in reducing the energy required in all stages of the production process, through the recycling of aluminium products (scrap) whose use has been completed.

The acquisition price is €20 million, including debt.