The next two years will be critical not only for the future of the non-ferrous metals industry, but for the European economy as well.

Evangelos Mytilineos, MYTILINEOS’ Chairman & CEO

Evangelos Mytilineos, CEO of Greek aluminium and energy company MYTILINEOS, was elected President of Eurometaux (Europe’s metals association) at the association’s General Assembly. He succeeds Mikael Staffas, CEO of Boliden, who has held this post since October 2018.

Guy Thiran, Eurometaux’s Director General, commented: “I am thrilled to welcome Evangelos Mytilineos as our new President. His rich experience in the aluminium and energy sectors makes him exceptionally well placed to lead our industry through today’s unprecedented energy crisis. At a time when Europe commits to improving its strategic autonomy for the metals and minerals required in the energy transition, it’s fitting that we will be headed by a real industrial leader with full supply chain operations from the mine to product.

“At the same time, we thank Mikael Staffas for his excellent leadership over the past four years. Under his Presidency, Europe’s raw materials security has risen right to the top of the EU’s political agenda. Mikael has led by example to show that high sustainability standards will be our industry’s global differentiator, and tirelessly emphasized the need for joined-up EU policies to ensure competitiveness”.

Evangelos Mytilineos, MYTILINEOS’ Chairman & CEO, commented: “I am honored to be elected as President of Eurometaux, during a crucial period both for Europe and for our industries. The next two years will be critical not only for the future of the non-ferrous metals industry, but for the European economy as well. Our top priority will be to push for adequate and globally competitive energy costs for all. This is fundamental to securing jobs, social stability, and economic growth around Europe”

“We will work hard; I’m determined to put in personal effort, and I’m sure I can rely on the entire Eurometaux team and our members, for us to succeed in our common goals. My intention, as newly elected President, is to reach out to policy makers and work for immediate and efficient actions. And in line with Eurometaux’s track record, we’ll always bring concrete proposals to the table for solving the problems we face, that will help revive our industry and ensure our global competitiveness contributing to the EU’s climate agenda”.

Over the next two years, the association has prioritized work with European and national governments to mitigate the immense problems faced by metals producers during today’s energy crisis – which has already taken 50% of the EU’s aluminium and zinc capacity offline, and 30% for silicon. Eurometaux will also lead industry work on the EU’s upcoming Critical Raw Materials Act and its actions to mobilise investments into strategic European mining, refining, and recycling operations with high sustainability performance.

Other top priorities include the reform of Europe’s chemicals legislation (REACH), new EU due-diligence policies, Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism, and the sustainable products framework.