Marubeni Corporation announces the commencement of sales of its carbon neutral aluminium ingot called, “Neutr-Al” in Japan.

In recent years, the reduction of Green House Gas (GHG) emissions is an essential factor in doing business as the current economic demand has increase since the world climate status has become a more pressing issue. The Japanese government has announced that Japan will reduce its GHG emissions to net zero by 2050 and as such, it is now increasingly necessary for businesses to reduce GHG emissions. As a result, people across all industries are seeking effective methods of doing so.

“Neutr-Al” is an aluminium ingot which neutralises its GHG emissions from bauxite mining, alumina production, aluminium smelting, and its transportation to Japan. The ingot uses carbon by carbon credits, which are created by GHG reduction and/or absorption activities in Japan and abroad, to monitor the gg created in its production.

Utilising Marubeni’s vast knowledge in aluminium and carbon credit, “Neutr-Al” will remove the barriers to GHG reduction by calculating GHG emissions, suggesting the most reasonable GHG reduction method, and retiring carbon credits all at once at Marubeni so as to contribute to the transition to carbon neutral society.

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