This is despite the ongoing recession and the closure of other local bauxite/alumina companies.

In a release, Jamalco said it is on track to produce 100kt of alumina, above its previous record in 2006.

Adlai Robinson, Jamalco’s production manager said several factors contributed to this year’s output.

“Our two partners, Alcoa and the Jamaican government have been able to find markets for our quality alumina and this helps us to find markets which have also allowed us to produce above our best year ever which was 2006 and to be able to sell it,” he said.

Mr Robinson added that Jamalco’s production record is also being helped by the extended closure of other local alumina refineries which has resulted in added pressure on the company to perform.

According to him, Jamalco has risen to the challenge with increased production and improved efficiencies while reducing maintenance cost by 50%.