H1 2010 statistics show a growth rate of 16.4% (432.2kt) on the same period of 2009 brings figures to slightly above those in the same period for 2008.

Aluminium foil shipments from European foil rollers for thicker foils, used for packaging container and tray applications, had the highest gains at 20.3% (119.1kt).

Thinner foils used for flexible packaging applications also showed excellent growth, at 16.2% (247.7kt). Exports to non-EAFA countries were also up by 10.5% (66.4t), more proof of market recovery.

Stefan Glimm, EAFA’s executive director, said: “We are cautiously optimistic that the signs of recovery will continue for the remainder of 2010 and into 2011, but the alufoil sector must remain vigilant and ensure it continues its pro-active approach to sustainable production and consumption, and innovative pack and material developments.”

The European Aluminium Foil Association is the international body representing companies engaged in the rolling and rewinding of alufoil and in the manufacture of alufoil containers.