These figures underline the importance of the up-coming third Global Aluminium Foil Roller Conference (GLAFCO), organised by EAFA, which will take place from 15th – 17th January 2014 in Dubai, where about 90 leaders around and from the alufoil business will meet to discuss future strategies and mutual projects.

Commenting on the figures, Manfred Mertens, the conference chairman said: “These figures are a timely reminder of the significant role the alufoil industry continues to play and its importance to the future prosperity of aluminium production. The GLAFCO will focus on ways to consolidate this excellent performance and our role as responsible producers.”

“Despite the economic troubles of recent years production of foil has continued to utilise significant quantities of primary output and, as the recovery gathers pace, in the next five years we expect almost 20% more primary metal devoted to both thin and thicker gauge production – both for traditional and exciting, innovative applications,” he added.

Both in packaging and technical applications aluminium foil has the great advantage of saving more resources than it consumes, through the complete value and supply chain.

The GLAFCO conference is set to gather the leaders from all regions of the global foil market in Dubai. The industry wants to continue building one global voice for foil on sustainable and promotion issues to support its further growth.

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