It has delivered a stub straightening machine for a hexapod in Baie-Comeau in Canada to be delivered in September 2011.

The machine can straighten 6x140 stubs which might be increased to Ø-180mm at a later stage. The stubs will be straightened in two stages, first stubs #1, 3 & 5 and then the machine will be turned 180ºto straighten stubs #2, 4 & 6.

A new stub straightening machine will be delivered to Sohar Aluminium by the end of this year. The machine will straighten 2x180mm stubs.

The same type of machine was also installed in Hydro Høyanger this spring, in Dubal in 2010, at Søral Husnes in 2010 and at Hydro Årdal in 2009. Impec said it was the only machine on the market with no force on yoke during straightening.