The project embraces the design and procurement of materials, production, factory testing, transport, installation, site testing and start-up of all machinery and equipment.

Ragnar Gudmundsson, managing director of Noroural, said he was pleased that an Icelandic company had won the contract, claiming it was another example of the competitiveness of Icelandic companies supplying the aluminium industry. "The new equipment will enable us to improve the working environment, increase productivity and utilise recyclable materials in a better way," he said.

Jan O Yttredal, chairman of Alu1, said that in addition to the Noroural contract, the company was competing for several other contracts worldwide. "Many aluminium manufacturers have put investments in their production plants on hold pending better times. They are now becoming more active, and we see a great market potential for Alu1 as a supplier of tailor-made concepts for both new facilities and upgrades of existing plants," he said.