Norwegian aluminium company Norsk Hydro ASA’s wholly-owned subsidiary Hydro Energi AS has signed a long-term power contract with Tonstad Vindpark AS.

Tonstad Vindpark AS is owned by Engie, a French power utility company, and SUSI Partners, a Swiss Investment Manager specialising in sustainable energy infrastructure.

The contract spans for 25 years, for the period 2020 to 2045. Hydro Energi AS will purchase 100% of the actual output of the wind farm and will handle all balancing and nomination from the commissioning of the wind farm and for the duration of the power purchase contract.

Tonstad Vindpark AS is a planned onshore wind farm in Sirdal and Flekkefjord in southern Norway (NO2) with an installed capacity of 208 MW and an estimated average production of 0.7 TWh annually.

The contract will contribute to supplying power to Hydro’s aluminium plants in Norway.