Thousands of Karmøy residents gathered in Kopervik to see Prime Minister Erna Solberg inaugurate the technology pilot at Karmøy in western Norway on 24th August.

“The technology pilot here at Karmøy is green, smart and innovative,” said the Prime Minister.

"I think it's fantastic that we are getting the world's greenest aluminium production here at Karmøy," says Astrid Margrete Lie. She is one of the many who were present when the technology pilot in Karmøy was inaugurated earlier today.

The technology pilot at Karmøy is an industrial-scale test plant, and Hydro's ambition with the pilot is to verify the world's most climate- and energy-efficient technology for aluminium electrolysis. The ambition is to reduce energy consumption by around 15 percent per kilogram of aluminium produced in relation to the international average, and with the lowest CO2 emissions in the world. Production is expected to start during the fourth quarter of 2017.

A total of NOK 4.3 billion has been invested in the project, including NOK 1.6 billion in support from the government energy conservation agency ENOVA.