Hydro’s extrusion plant located in Sjunnen (Vetlanda Municipality, Sweden) is starting up again to meet the accelerated demand for sustainable aluminium profiles.

The operations in Sjunnen, Sweden, will reopen with the plant being operational by the autumn of 2021. The reopening will increase Hydro Extrusions Sweden’s capacity of aluminium profiles made with recycled aluminium by approximately 20%. Hydro Extrusions Sweden will increase the annual capacity by around 10,000 tonnes.

The decision to reopen comes in response to a substantial increase and market demand, by consumers, for low-carbon aluminium profiles across all industries where Hydro Extrusions operates. This increase in the demand for high-quality and sustainable aluminium profiles has surged following the pandemic.

Jonas Bjuhr, Managing Director Hydro Extrusions Sweden, says:

“Aluminium is a material of the future which gives companies across industries new opportunities in sustainable design and recycling. Starting up the extrusion operations in Sjunnen is a direct result of the increased demand for sustainable aluminium and proof that our products have an important role to fill in the transitions towards a greener economy.”

Jonas Bjuhr, Managing Director Hydro Extrusions Sweden

Hydro aims to reduce its carbon emissions by 30% by 2030 and increasing its capacity in producing more low-carbon alloys from secondary aluminium, extrusions play an important role in reaching that target. Reopening of the extrusion press in Sjunnen, which is in close connection to the remelting facility, is a step towards a circular thinking and production of aluminium.

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