The markets for aluminium casthouse products are currently very tight, and Hydro expects this to continue into 2011, Kjetil Ebbesberg, head of the Metal Markets business area in Hydro, said during the international Aluminium 2010 trade fair in Essen, Germany.

He added that there is a strong sentiment in the markets for aluminium casthouse products.

"Hydro also supplies casthouse products based on scrap and remelting of ingot, and the availability of scrap and remelt ingot remains under pressure," he said.

Ebbesberg said that important alloying elements have experienced price hikes relative to aluminium.

"This needs to be reflected in Hydro's pricing of aluminium casthouse products going forward," Ebbesberg told a customer meeting in Essen.

He said that the underlying sentiment in the market for alloyed casthouse products remained solid.